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Drive-Up Transaction Drawer

The CSE-QS-QSB-12 allows an easy transfer of items large and small. You can choose from a clear, high visibility material or stainless steel for the serving door. Options are also provided for call buttons and speakers to create a complete drive-thru package.

Drive-Up Drop Off Station

The 650-DIG drop-off cabinet allows easy drive-up access and an extended deposit slot that makes it easy for all customers to drop off their payments. Options are available for alternate signage, multiple snorkel slots. The unit comes in multiple sizes.

Drive-Thru Slider Window

All SC models come standard with 1/4" clear tempered glass, but can be customized with Level 1 bullet-resistant glass. The hook-bolt lock helps to prevent outside intrusion. An easy to grasp thumb-turn allows for ease in the operation while locking the unit.

Highest Quality Safety for All Your Transactions

All drive-thru equipment that comes from Covenant Security Equipment is tested for and comes fully assembled so we can guarantee that your products will be installed with ease. CSE provides cut sheets for all of our windows which allows your architect or planner to include them in their blueprints. All Hurricane and Impact-Rated Sliders meet the 

Miami-Dade County requirements.

Speak-Thru Communicators

Thru-Beam Photo Electric Bar

Covenant Security Equipment offers several Speak-Thru Communicator options, with and without microphone boosting for a variety of applications to help you accomplish two-way communication with ease. Great for drive-thrus, movie theaters, ticket booths, sports arenas, and anywhere that communication is integral.

Covenant Security Equipment automatic electric windows can be activated hands-free with the inclusion of a Photo-Electric Bar, activated when the attendant stands between the emitter and the receiver. Available on all electric sliders.

Push Button Operation

Covenant Security Equipment offers an optional Push Button for all electric sliders, making every transaction available at the push of a button.

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